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About Us

Your trusted family-owned choice for over 37 years in superior pest control across Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, and Colorado.

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We take pride in Fumigation & Pest Control

We are Schoen Fumigation. We’ve been providing superior pest control and fumigation services to Kansas, Nebraska, and Colorado for over 37 years. As a dedicated family-owned business, we prioritize quality services and consistently strive for customer satisfaction. At Schoen Fumigation, our commitment is to create pest-free environments for homes and businesses, offering effective solutions with a focus on excellence and customer care. Choose us for trusted pest management backed by decades of experience and a family-driven commitment to service quality.

Reliable, Guaranteed Pest Control Solutions

Discover peace of mind with our reliable, guaranteed pest control solutions. Request service by clicking the link below.

Pest Control

Reliable pest control ensuring safety, quality, and customer satisfaction.

Grain Fumigation

Precision grain fumigation for optimal protection and quality assurance.

We Know Pests

Protect your investments with our precise pest control and grain fumigation services—ensuring safety, quality, and peace of mind. Explore important statistics below.

Property Preservation:
Grain fumigation decreases the likelihood of structural damage by 95%
Food Protection:
Effective pest control reduces the risk of food contamination by up to 90%
Health Assurance:
Pest control yields an 85% drop in allergen-related health issues.
Integrated pest management reduces costly repairs by 70%.

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Protect your environment with Schoen Fumigation’s 37 years of trusted pest control and grain fumigation expertise.

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